Spine Date Seed (10:1) Extract

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Product Information

Spine date seed is a traditional Chinese herb that contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, betulinic acid and betulin.

What Is Spine Date Seed Extract?

In the traditional setup, the spine date seed and its extracts were used to soothe the nerves, support sweating, nourish the heart, benefit the liver, support sleep well as soothing the mind. The herb has found its way to the West and the rest of the world due to the health benefits that it possesses. Various studies have been conducted in recent years to determine the benefits of this herb and its extract. This article looks at some of the health benefits, the dosage, side effects and the interactions of the Spine Date seed extract. *

How Could Spine Date Seed Extract Support My Health?

This herb has a number of positive effects on the various conditions. Due to this, it has been regarded to as a super food by researchers and users alike. Research suggests that Spine Date Seed could support healthy sleep, free radical scavenger management, healthy hair growth, skin health and blood sugar support. *

  • Sleep. Around 10% of the total world population suffers from chronic insomnia (lack of sleep). On the other hand, 50% of the population will experience insomnia at some point in their lives due to reasons such as depression, pain or even physical disorders[1]. Spine seed extract provides a remedy for this condition. It has been observed to support normal sleeping patterns to users who took it. The jujubosides in the extract have compounds that work towards restoring a normal sleeping pattern. *
  • Free Radicals. Free Radicals are compounds in our bodies that may lead to health ailments in most cases. If not dealt with, these radicals can lead to worse health challenges [2]. However, spine date seed extract has been found to fight off the radicals. The extract is rich in non-nutrients called phytochemicals that function as antioxidants[2]. Due to this property, the date family has been the second fruit that is most commonly consumed in China. The extract also consists of many classes of bioactive components. One of these is carotenoids, well-known antioxidants that will help strengthening the hair by protecting it from free radicals. The antioxidant properties of this super extract will also ensure that worse cases such as joint health are supported. *
  • Hair Health. One of the common problems that arise with aging is hair thinning[3]. However, hair loss will be brought about by many reasons. One of these is that, as we age, our cells do not generate enough energy. As a result of this, our organs including follicles start to age. This makes the hair growth process slow down and progressively the hair begins to shed itself off. At this stage, you can supplement your body with vitamin B2 and amino acids[3], as they will help alleviate this process. The extract has high amino acid and riboflavin (vitamin B2) content that can effectively support healthy hair loss. Amino acids are essential in the production of keratin. This is the protein that is responsible for strengthening hair follicles as well as maintaining the flexibility. Riboflavin present in the extract plays a great role in enhancing energy production and restoring the cellular function and development.

    Spine date seed extract will also protect the scalp, which offers nutrition to the hair. Our extract consists of generous amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids[3], which are polyunsaturated fats that provide nourishment to the scalp. The spine date seed extract is also rich in lauric acid. This is a saturated fatty acid that contains microbial and bacterial properties which create an optimal environment for hair growth by removing dandruff and acne[3]. The extract will address all scalp and hair related conditions, and it provides strong incentives for hair growth. *
  • Skin Health. The spine date seed oil has protective effects on the skin. A study showed that the extract could support human skin, largely believed to be accomplished by the antioxidant properties of the extract[3]. The presence of natural antioxidants such as phenols and tocopherols in the extract helps to prevent keratinocytes oxidative damage caused by the exposure of hydrogen peroxide to the skin. In addition to this, the study discovered that the extract could protect the skin from the oxidative stress damage caused by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) through the lipid peroxidation process that is more efficient than olive oil[3]. This makes the spine date seed extract a perfect alternative for most skin products that are not effective at all. *
  • Blood Sugar Health. Spine date extract is useful in the support of blood sugar health[4]. A recently conducted research study suggests that the extract has protective effects against early low bloog sugar levels both the liver and the kidney. The antioxidant properties will ensure that both the cardiovascular and circulatory systems are in good condition and this will help in managing blood sugar health. Moreover, the proanthocyanidins present in the spine date seed extract will help to support a healthy liver and kidney. *

Suggested Use / Dosage

Take 100 - 500mg of our extract daily.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

Shelf Life

Two years from date of manufacture.


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