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Product Information

Suma root extract has been used for hundreds of years for its numerous health benefits.

What Is Suma Root 25% Beta-Ecdysterone Extract?

It is a plant that has its origins in South America. The natives of South America, both men and women, consumed it on a daily basis in order to support their physical strength and stamina. It is also consumed for its properties that balance the hormones and support the adrenal glands. Over the past few decades, the herb is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Studies are being conducted to get detailed health benefits of the herb. *

How Could Suma Root 25% Beta-Ecdysterone Extract Support My Health?

Research suggests Suma Root could support cell health, energy support, hormone and testosterone support, optimal sexual performance, antioxidant and natural healing response support and blood glucose support. *

  • Healthy Cell Replication. Studies have demonstrated that the Suma Root supports healthy cell replication [1]. Cancerous mice treated with Suma root extract survived longer than untreated mice. The size of brease health was also significantly supported by the Suma root extract in the mice study. In adult mice, the extract was found to support other cell challenges.

    Another controlled study in mice that had liver challenges found that the healthy cells were promoted in a period of 27 weeks as compared to the untreated mice[1]. The most important advantage is that the suma root extract did not have any adverse side effects on liver cells. Similar results were identified in a vitro study of human breast cells, suggesting that the extract is also effective in humans. The cell-homeostasis effects from the Suma extract come from the pfaffic acid in the herb. This acid has contributed to many anticarcinogenic properties of the extract. It enabled the immune system to target the cells early enough so they are not able to be fully formed and cause apoptosis[1]. It would be prudent for patients to consider using Suma root as a supplement in addition to their typical medication. *
  • Energy Booster. Suma root extract will help you boost your energy levels. This is most useful to athletes that are involved in intensive exercises[2]. Suma extract will not act as a stimulant, but it will boost the energy levels due to its high nutritional values. It contains numerous essential amino acids, minerals, and electrolytes. These components will help in restoring the essential compounds that are lost through sweating and physical exhaustion[2][3]. The extract may hence replenish the metabolic building blocks. As such, the Suma root extract is highly efficient in boosting the body's energy levels. *
  • Testosterone Booster. Suma root extract contains beta-ecdysterone, a compound that resembles testosterone. A study conducted on mice that were Suma-infused for 30 days showed higher levels of testosterone level compared to the control group. The extract has a high level of mineral and vitamin content, which plays an indirect role in the testosterone synthesis and muscle gain[2]. *
  • Boosting Male Performance. A study conducted on impotent rats indicated that the use of the Suma root extract boosted male bedroom performance[4]. Ejaculation was also prolonged. However, the extract did not show any significant improvements to normal rats. In the traditional setup, the Suma root extract was used to boost libido and prevent premature ejaculation.

    Suma root extract may also work towards improving fertility in women[4]. This property is essential especially in the current environment where there is an increasing contact with the various hormone-disrupting toxins and chemicals. The extract contains sitosterol and stigmasterol which increase the estrogen levels. Studies that involved rats showed that estradioI and progesterone increased tremendously compared to the control group. EstradioI is one of the main estrogen-based hormones that are involved in female fertility[4]. Progesterone, on the other hand, plays a key role in reproductive and optimal function in women. The ecdysteroids in the Suma root extract will also stimulate the production of prostaglandins, which are compounds that are involved in ovulation and the menstrual cycle. *
  • Antioxidant. Studies that involved rats showed that intestinal cell-calming was largely reduced in the animals suffering from this condition[5]. Likewise, the levels of several metabolic signs of cell cell-calming were reduced. Another study showed that the level of edema(swelling) in throats was diminished following the uptake of this extract. In human skin cells, the Suma extract reduced histamine. This leads to the conclusion that our extract can be used to treat the various conditions that come with cell-calming such as joint and bowel health[5].

    On the antioxidant property, the ecdysteroids present in the Suma root extract may reduce the radicals present in the body. Free radicals(oxidants) are one of the key contributors to long-term damage to the body. The extract has also been found to increase superoxide dismutase in human skin cells[5]. This protects the cells from damage, which means that suma may help fight the long-term cellular effects of aging, prevent disease, and may even prolong lifespan. *
  • Blood Glucose Levels. Among the historical uses of the Suma root extract, one was to alleviate the symptoms of low blood sugar [6]. The pfaffic acids in the Suma root extract have largely contributed to these properties. Ecdysteroids in the Suma root extract will also reduce glucose production. This prevents the blood sugar levels from reaching elevated amounts in the first place. These effects have been reported in liver cells (hepatocytes) in both mice and rats. The extract may boost the rate at which the liver consumes blood glucose by 44-77%. *

Suggested Use / Dosage

Take 50 - 100mg of our extract daily.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

Shelf Life

Two years from date of manufacture.


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