Himalayan Shilajit Extract (12% Fulvic Acid)

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Product Information

Shilajit is known as dragon herb, mumie, vegetable asphalt, and mineral pitch in the West.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a herbo-mineral substance; an exudate that oozes out of rocks on the steep cliffs of Himalaya's mountainous regions. It has been used for thousands of years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Siddha traditional medicine to tout many health benefits and enhance the quality of life. Traditionally, it was considered a "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of all weakness" [8]. *

How Could Shilajit Extract Support My Health?

Historically Shilajit was used as an aphrodisiac, with modern research supporting such statements showing that Shilajit may help support sexual energy, boost stamina and support healthy prostate function in men [10]. For women, it has traditionally been used to support healthy menstruation cylces. *

Our Shilajit with extract contains a high amount of fulvic acid. Shilajit exists as a semi-hard, brownish-black resin formed through long-term humification of non-vascular land plants at high altitudes in the Himalayan Mountains. *

The main constituents of Shilajit are dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBP), DBP-chromoproteins, and fulvic acids with DBP core. It is one of nature's most amazing and miraculous herbo-mineral combinations and it displays several physiological properties that research suggests could support healthy blood pressure and a healthy immune system. Research suggests Shilajit may also provide health support for things like mood, cell-calming, fevers and pain while helping to maintain healthy body weight, brain and vascular function. *

High-altitude related issues such as hypoxia, acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, insomnia, lack of appetite, body pain, dementia, and depression may occur when an individual ascends to high-altitude areas [5]. Shilajit can be given as a supplement to act as a "health rejuvenator" and to help support high altitudes. Shilajit has been used traditionally as a revitalizer; enhancing physical energy while supporting fatigue through enhanced production of ATP [10]. *

Studies suggest Shilajit could play a major role in supporting our immune system. Shilajit may support the collection of debris and detoxes free radicals, supportiing clean blood and tissues. Shilajit also supports the phagocytosis process [1] that oxidizes unwanted particles in the body. Research suggests that Shilajit may provide healthy immune support, which could be beneficial for issues where the immune system is compromised. Conditions such as cancer, including oral, colon, and prostate cancer may experience issues with a compromised immune system [8]. Cell-affected ailments such as arthritis, asthma, eczema, and vascular disease are common health challenges. Shilajit (which contains high levels of fulvic acid) may support healthy pain response and provide cell-calming support in the body [8]. *

Research suggests shilajit supports healthy collagen (tissue protein) synthesis and could support osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. Shilajit may also provide support when experiencing effects of viruses, which could be extremely helpful for a number of virus related issues. [3]. *

Shilajit is claimed by traditional Indian medical practitioners to be useful in supporting a healthy nervous system. Issues such as epilepsy, and nervous disorders maybe the result of a compromised nervous system [6]. Shilajit may also mitigate the effects of fatigue and enhance sleep since it might provide natural mood support. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive brain disorder. Shilajit, along with Vitamin B complex supplements, can help support healthy brain function. [7]. Fulvic acid (the main active constituent) may help brain health by supporting healthy tau self-aggregation (tau protein aggregates in the brain of neurodegenerative disease). Research suggests Shilajit may also promote healthy micro-circulation, support the healthy metabolism of fat, and healthy lung function. *

Suggested Usage / Dosage

The recommended dosage for this extract is up to 200 mg per day (with a hot liquid such as warm milk) for a period of 90 days [11]. *

Ideal Storage Conditions

Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

Shelf Life

2-years from Date of Manufacture.


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