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Healthy Weight Management*
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Product Information

Forskolin is a product that is extracted from the roots of Coleus Forskohlii (also known as Indian coleus). It is a plant from the mint family that originates from Nepal, India and some parts of Thailand.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is a traditional medicine used by both men and women. In recent years, it has gained popularity and is being used in the West and other countries worldwide. Studies have been conducted on the immense health benefits of Forskolin and more studies are being conducted to establish the finer benefits of this super extract. *

How Could Forskolin Extract Support My Health?

Although the Forskolin extract has mainly been used in a traditional setting to support weight management, there are many other helpful benefits to this amazing extract. We will introduce you to the benefits and the reasoning behind consuming the Forskolin 20% Extract. *
  • Healthy Weight Management. Forskolin has shown huge success in the support of healthy weight in people [1][2]. If it is used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, the results of existing studies could be quite overwhelming. A study conducted in 2011 showed that subjects who used Forskolin managed their weight to healthy levels on the specific areas that it was applied on. The body parts targeted were the waist, buttocks, hips, and the abdomen [1]. The appearance of cellulite had also decreased immensely. *
  • Supporting Healthy Cell Growth. The use of our Forskolin 20% Forskohlii may assist in activating a protein called phosphatase 2 (PP2A) [3]. This is an enzyme responsible for the cause of rapid cell division. In 2011, a study conducted at the University of Madrid found that the activation of the PP2A enzyme in Forskolin displayed inhibition of mutation of unhealthy cells. By looking at this study, it goes without saying that Forskolin could have positive effects on the unhealthy mutation of cells, by promoting healthy cell growth [4]. It may slow or even completely reverse abnormal cell growth.
    Many researchers have also discovered that Forskolin has the special ability to cause cell death (apoptosis) in multiple abnormal growth cells [3][4]. *
  • Healthy Blood Pressure. Among the traditional uses of Forskolin is its use in supporting a healthy heart . A study conducted in India showed that Forskolin extract effectively supported healthy blood pressure [5]. This was accurate for more than 75% of the patients tested in the study. The beneficial qualities of supporting healthy blood pressure have made Forskolin an accepted remedy in the improvement of heart health [5].
  • Healthy Blood Sugar. A study was conducted in 2014 (and published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences) on glycemia and oxidative stress in rats, focusing on the effectiveness of Forskolin on the two conditions. It was discovered that regular administration of this extract supported healthy blood glucose levels. Many users of this product have mentioned that it has great antioxidating properties. *
  • Healthy Respiratory Function. Asthma is a deadly ailment which involves the airways of the body becoming swollen and inflamed. Asthma us commonly supported using inhalers. Research suggests Forskolin is beneficial in supporting healthy breathing and respiratory function with some research suggesting normal breathing patterns were supported in over 50% of participants. [7][8]
  • Healthy Eyesight. Recent studies have revealed that the administration of Forskolin as an oral supplement has a positive effect on eye health [6]. Glaucoma is an ailment that harms the eye(s) as a result of an increment in eye pressure. A study was conducted that focused on the control of intraocular pressure. This is the liquid responsible for maintaining pressure in the eyes. The main aim of many glaucoma treatments is the maintenance of stable eye pressure. As of today, this condition is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. The focus of the study was on patients that were already at the maximum tolerated medical therapy levels of medication with no improvement in their intraocular pressure [6]. The researchers discovered that the oral consumption of Forskolin extract had an immense benefit on eye pressure levels and healthy eye health [6]. *
  • Tanning. Studies have indicated that this extract can be used for supporting a healthy skin colour. A report of a study conducted in 2006 shows that the extract may help support the skin's pigmentation and induce tanning without exposure to ultraviolet light [9]. Although there exists no evidence of human usage for tanning purposes, it shows that there is a possibility in the near future. *

Suggested Usage / Dosage

The recommended dosage for this extract is 25 mg of our extract twice a day.

Interactions / Side Effects

Women with polycystic kidney disease should not take this extract without a physician's directions. There have been reported cases of irregular heart rates in some users. However, when taken at the recommended dosage, these side effects will be rare.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

Shelf Life

2-years from Date of Manufacture.


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