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Avena Sativa 7% Extract

Potent Aphrodisiac*
Healthy Heart Support*
Supports Bone Health*
Enhances Cognitive Function*
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Product Information

Avena sativa (meaning "wild oats" in Latin) is a nutrient-rich food associated with lower blood cholesterol when consumed regularly.

What is Avena Sativa?

Avena sativa is included in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (1983) as research suggests it may possess a diverse range of health properties: research suggests Avena Sativa may tout a range of healthy supporting benefits including: cholesterol, blood sugar, immune system, breathing, and weight management. Avena Sativa may offer additional health support including antioxidant, assist in natural healing and immune boosting support. *

Suggested Usage / Dosage

The recommended dosage for this extract is 20 - 40 mg daily.

Interactions / Side Effects

No side effects, drug interaction or toxicity observed.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

Shelf Life

2-years from Date of Manufacture.


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