Dodder Seed (50:1) Extract

Supports Bone Health*
Healthy Cell Production*
Assists Blood Sugar*
Boosts Immune System*
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Product Information

The Dodder plant is a parasitic vine that wraps itself around other plants for nourishment [1].

    What is Dodder Seed?

    Dodder Seed (also known as cuscuta seed or Tu Si Zi in Mandarin) has long been considered as a mild tonic in Chinese herbal remedies [1]. It hails from Asia and has been used by both genders as a tonic to support various health ailments. In recent years, its fame has spread to the West and many are embracing the benefits that come with the consumption of this extract. *

    How could Dodder Seed Extract Support My Health?

    Research and traditional use, suggests Dodder seed could help support fertility, healthy hair growth in men, the immune system, liver and kidney function, bone health, healthy bowel movements, healthy blood sugar levels, optimal blood pressure and eye health. *

    • Boosts Fertility. Studies have shown that the Dodder Seed extract contains flavonoids that display estrogen-like effects [1]. A study conducted on rats showed that rodent testicles increased in size when they were fed with the extract. It was also discovered that the rats' sperm count had increased significantly after being fed with the extract. The explanation for this is that the Dodder Seed extract stimulates the production of testosterone. This is the hormone responsible for providing males with energy and sexual drive. The Dodder Seed extract is so effective that some researchers believe that it could be used to help men who want to produce sperm for artificial insemination.
      Due to the strength of the Dodder Seed extract, pregnant and nursing mothers are always advised against consuming it. This is because experts believe that it could damage the development of the fetus or baby due to the interference of the mother's hormones.*
    • Male Hair Health. Consumption of the Dodder Seed extract could have a positive impact on people with wanting to support healthy hair growth. The extract contains an enzyme called petroleum ether [1]. This enzyme plays a great role in preventing the transformation of testosterone into DHT, therefore lowering the levels of DHT in our body. The presence of minimal levels of DHT in our body will facilitate the regrowth of follicles. This will enable them to grow out stronger and will also enable them to return to their normal growth cycle rather than just staying dormant [2].*
    • Immunity. Research on animals discovered that the consumption of Dodder Seeds increased the wet weight of the thymus. The immune organ spleen was also boosted, which increased the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes and made the induction of the generation of interleukin much easier [5]. All of this helps to improve our immunity.*
    • Kidney and Liver Function. The kidneys play a big role in the human body. It regulates our water and ion composition while at the same excreting metabolic wastes through the urine [3]. Dodder Seed extract has been traditionally used to support healthy liver and kidney function. Research performed on animals showed that there was a relationship between the extract and kidney health. It facilitates the wellness of the kidneys by ensuring that hormones in the body are well-regulated [4]. A study was conducted on the effects of the extract on the liver. It was discovered that liver health was well supported. The improvements noted was a significant decrease in the levels of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in serum, while SOD levels increased, leading to improved liver tissue health. Studies on humans have yet to be concluded. However, based on the tests conducted on animals and its traditional usage, it would be right to say that this extract facilitates the wellness of two essential organs in the body [3].*
    • Bone and Cartilage Health. A study conducted on animals indicated that the use of the Dodder Seed Extract supports healthy bone density and promotes healthy hyaline cartilage production.*
    • Habitual Constipation. Clinical experiment data showed that a dose of the Dodder Seed extract will further break down our stools. This will lead to an increase in belly health and intestinal sounds. Dodder Seed can also be used for toning the kidneys and used in the treatment of habitual constipation [2]. This is a natural, non-toxic ingredient that's safe to consume. The same property qualifies it as a laxative. Consumption of the extract ensures that you will not face difficulties in the toilet.*
    • Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure. Conditions such as diabetes are becoming more prevalant. The polysaccharide of the Dodder Seed extract shows a healthy management in blood glucose levels. Body mass also increased along with glycogen levels. This is enough evidence to indicate that the extract can support healthy blood sugar management [2][3].*
    • Eye Health. Dodder Seed extract can be used to support eye health [2]. It can also reduce the degree of opacity of the crystalline lens in our eyes. A study with mice on a galactose diet were given (by gavage) 4 g/kg per day of a Semen Cuscutae water extract for 30 consecutive days. After the test period, results showed that eye health was supported by 33.3%. The researchers then suggested that the extract achieved this by reducing the activity of aldose reductase and other enzymes by enhancing the activities of sorbitol dehydrogenase, hexokinase, and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the rats' eye lens [2].*

    Suggested Usage / Dosage

    The recommended dosage for this extract is 300 - 900 mg daily.

    Ideal Storage Conditions

    Use a sealed container to store this product in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct light and moisture. Once the package is opened, it must be re-sealed and used within 6 months.

    Shelf Life

    2-years from Date of Manufacture.


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