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Tongkat Ali, Aphrodisiac Of The East

By Dan Drupsteen July 01, 2018 0 comments

Tongkat contains active many components such as eurycomalacton, eurycomanol and eurycomanon which help treating a wide range of diseases. The journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), suggests Tongkat Ali has many benefits including increasing libido, improving performance, weight loss, anti-ageing, and reducing fatigue. *

Harvesting Tongkat Ali is very hard and laborious in the wild. To protect wild specimens of Tongkat Ali, and protect nature, Malaysia is currently starting tree farming plantations. The government of Malaysia is aware about the Tongkat Ali's future, and continuously gives economic support for development.

In accordance with a numerous studies, these are some of the researched benefits of Tongkat Ali:

Imrpoved Libido

In many cases, low male hormones can lower the ability to have a satisfying bedroom life and therefore reduce your libido and the quality of erections. Tongkat Ali can support healthy levels of male hormones which may help men feel more interested in desire and improve strength and energy. *

Increase your muscle mass and strength

It has been shown that male hormones can increase the strength and muscle mass and lower body fat. That is one of the main reasons Tongkat Ali is used by sportsmen and bodybuilders. Male Hormones are one of the key factors for men to develop a ripped and toned body, . Tongkat Ali is used to support sports performance, physical power and promote weight loss. In a preliminary study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it was found that 100 mg/day for five weeks can increase muscle mass and strength in men. *

According to a pilot study (published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014) , Tongkat Ali has a very effective action in the increase in muscular strength in older adults, . Thirteen men and twelve women between the ages of fifty seven and seventy two took 400mg of a Tongkat Ali extract daily for five weeks. At the end of the study ,it has been found that Tongkat Ali stimulated total male hormone levels and muscular force.*

Improve your mood

In accordance with scientific studies, which indicate that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root extract can improve our stress hormone profile, this “ancient” treatment may also be an effective method to protect the body from “modern” chronic stress, including every day stress, as well as the stress of dieting, sleep disorder, and physical activity. *

Malaria Treatment

Researchers involved in the same study on Tongkat Ali's effects on cancer cells published in the Natural Products Journal also found that beta-carboline extracts from Tongkat Ali are effective in treating malaria. *

Stress Reliever

Based on a study, published in the ISSN Journal, 200 mg of Tongkat Ali root extract taken every day lowers cortisol levels leading to improvements in one's stress hormone profile. Some research recommend that Tongkat Ali may be very helpful for stress relief. The available research includes a small study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Investigators assessed stress hormones and mood state in sixty three people before and after taking a Tongkat Ali supplement for four weeks and found significant improvement in states of anger, tension, and confusion as well as decreased salivary cortisol and increased male hormones. *

Anxiety treatment

The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology, published a study which has found that this plant may help support an optimal mood. *

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