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Himalaya Shilajit Extract is an organic matter that can be found between rocks during summer period in the Himalayan Mountains. The word shilajit comes from the Sanskrit word "shila", which means rock. There are legends that claim that this magic resin was found for the first time from people of Nepal and India which they consumed with fermented milk.

The material that creates Shilajit is yet unknown and it is quite a rare substance to find. The biggest influence to this substance has been made by vegetation and atmosphere long time ago.

Shilajit has been called the "Destroyer of Weakness," because it has a lot of energizing features. Studies have confirmed that Shilajit contains two main elements - fulvic and humic acids which maybe responsible for the energy it seems to provide.

In one of the ancient Ayurvedic documents, more than 2000 years old, it was written that Shilajit was a life giving product. Researchers have found that this material has some rather extraordinary characteristics.

Today, Shilajit is touted as a super food in Ayurveda and used in Eastern European naturopathic medicine. It has been used in detoxification and as an energy providing material.

Shilajit is a special gift to mankind. It's a great natural remedy for weakness for whatever reason. It is the best anti-nutritional supplement of nature. After regular use of 5-10 days of Shilajit, users seem to feel a significant improvement in their health.

This are the most common benefits of Himalaya Shilajit Ayurveda extract:

  • Anxiolytic *
  • Heart protection *
  • Diabetes Control *
  • Detoxification *
  • Detoxification *
  • Increasing energy *
  • Increasing libido *
  • Anti-inflammatory *
  • Memory support *
  • Diuretic *
  • Body metabolism *
  • Stress relieve and relaxation *
  • Strong anti-oxidant features *

Himalaya Shilajit as an adaptogen

Shilajit Ayurveda extract was used a hundred years against stress and anxiety. It helps for the recovery of body tissues. *

Himalaya Shilajit and cancer

One of the main functions of this extract is to transfer energy to the mitochondria. This extract contains humic acid which aids in breaking down nutrients and delivering them to body tissues. *

Himalaya Shilajit and energy

According to historical notes, people who used this extract feel more energized and healthy. Today, people who used it confirm that they have more energy, no matter if they are athletes or not. This extract can improve getting energy into the body's mitochondria. *

Himalaya Shilajit and libido

Himalaya Shilajit extract is not being used to regulate the balance of hormones in the body, it is also being used to decrease stress and anxiety. *

Himalaya Shilajit and the Heart

There have been many studies that showed lower levels of heart disease appearance in animals that used this extract. This high efficiency comes from the powerful characteristics to clean the body from all toxins and provide general detoxification. *

For maximum absorption, it is best to consume it 30 minutes before any meal


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