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Schisandra The New Adaptogenic Herb

By Dan Drupsteen September 18, 2018 0 comments

Schisandra has been grown in Northern China, Russia and parts of Korea for over 2000 years, primarily for medicinal purposes. Schisandra a woody vine with pink leaves and bright red berries, but it's very unusual compared to the acai or goji berries.

Schisandra in Chinese traditional history was known as Magnolia vine. The Chinese name for this plant is wu-wei-zu, which means "5 taste fruit" and it is associated with sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, and salty flavors. When you taste it, there are many conflicting flavors. This characteristic according to chinese medicinal practices has positive effects to the heart, liver and stomach.

Schisandra is often used as an "adaptogen" herb, supporting healthy stress levels while at the same time stimulating physical performance and increasing vitality. It normalizes blood pressure and insulin levels, helping protect the liver from toxicity after radiation treatments, as well as minimizing infections.

Many years ago, Chinese herbalists found benefits for asthma and cough treatment. Schisandra was also used from the Royal family because of its ability to make your skin soft, radiant and hydrated. It was used as a magic tonic for better memory, to increase brain function, to increase physical sensitivity in women, and improve libido in men. It was also used against insomnia, supporting anxiety and nightmares.

Schisandra is also used by athletes such as runners, skiers and gymnasts for improved endurance and energy. There are many clinical studies made on students, doctors and soldiers that confirmed this plant's superior mind-sharpening capacity. *

Once people experience the mental and athletics performance of Schisandra, it often becomes a part of their every day life.

An overwhelming list of benefits from Schisandra include:
  • As a powerful adaptogen *
  • Minimize mental and physical exhaustion *
  • Improve energy and vitality *
  • Asthma support *
  • Anti-inflammatory *
  • Liver and lung protection *
  • Premenstrual problems *
  • Support depressions, stress and anxiety *
  • Support insomnia and nightmares *
  • Anti-bacterial*
  • Provide better circulation *
  • Improving respiratory function *
  • An aphrodisiac *
  • Anti-aging support *
  • Improved digestion *
  • Fatigue support *
  • Lowering cholesterol *
  • Enhanced vision *
Schisandra extract improves Blood Flow and Circulation

A daily dose of 130mg of Schisandra extract, according to a study , has shown 9% improvement in blood circulation. Schisandra extract enlarges the frequency of nitric oxide in the blood, which results in muscle relaxation. Enlarged blood flow and nitric oxide provides cardiac protection. This extract protects heart tissue and has also been used to support heart disease. *

Schisandra extract for liver protection

Schisandra extract is used for supporting liver disease, specifically Hepatitis C. It protects the body from radiation and can block toxins that enter the body. Schisandra extract as anti-oxidant increases the level of the glutathione enzyme which help combat oxidative stress and reduce triglycerides in the liver.

Many studies over the past years has shown the efficiency of schisandra in cleansing the liver, bronchitis, pneumonia , reducing reactions of allergy, chronic gastritis even and help in stomach ulcers. *

Schisandra has shown positive effects on patients with liver transplantation because it increases production of a material called Tcrolimus (Tac), which prevents the body's rejection of a new liver after the transplantation. *

Schisandra extract and Inflammation

High concentration of antioxidants can help fight free radical damage which can cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Schisandra extract helps to reduce the expansion of atherosclerosis, balance blood sugar which can help support people with diabetes. Studies that have investigated the effects of schisandra on organs, tissues, cells and enzymes, have revealed that it helps control the release of leukocytes, which promotes inflammation, and increases the capacity to repair tissue. *

Schisandra extract to protects the skin

Schisandra extract is a natural beauty tonic which protects the skin from weather exposure, allergens and environmental toxins. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect which helps filtrating immune cells. By using this extract skin can become clearer. *

Schisandra extract for bedroom function

Schisandra extract helps increase libido, and in turn could support many physical benefits. It has been shown to regulate fertility and support healthy hormone balance.

Schisandra and bone health

It has positive effects for bone healing and creates bone mineral density. This is very important, because it can be used against osteoporosis or similar diseases that appear in older ages. *

Schisandra extract and energy levels

Schisandra can be used by beginners or successful athletes before or during sports activates for improving physical power and capacity. It can be used for a long term without any side effects. *


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