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Cordyceps Sinensis Healing Benefits

By Dan Drupsteen September 18, 2018 0 comments

Cordyceps is a fungus that can be found on the highest parts of the mountains in rare world areas, but mostly in the Himalayas in China on the backs of caterpillars. They grow only on altitudes higher than 3.800 meters above sea level in a certain period of the year in a place where specific caterpillars exists.

Cordyceps are a kind of fungus and are known as a nutritionally beneficial mushroom.

Cordyceps are very different from other mushrooms, they have unusual characteristics and as a result, they are categorized as a strong kind of Ascomycetesfungus. They are usually about 10cm long and 1/2cm wide. They don't look like others mushrooms - they are curved like a cane and can be orange or brown in colour.

In old Chinese and Tibetan medical records, Cordyceps mushrooms were touted as a cure for everything. From Cordyceps they prepared herbal cures, teas and soups. Local people from this area of the world believed in the powerful effects of this medicinal mushroom - it was said to improve their general health, energy, digestion, strength and libido... and around 5000 BC cordyceps was used in religious rituals.

Cordyceps has also been used for improving the immune system and liver functions in people with hepatitis B, improving athletic performance, in anti-aging formulations, decreasing fatigue and increasing energy.

By stimulating and activating certain cells and unique materials in the body, cordyceps increases and improves the immune system. It is also said to be very effective against cancer cells, especially lung or skin cancer. It has the natural ability to fight against free radicals and any infection or inflammation in the body, and is said to stop the body producing mutated cells. Because of these many benefits, Cordyceps is often labelled as a "superfood".

Initially people discovered cordyceps' many health benefits by observing animals that eat this wild fungus. After that, farmers began to use it as a powder and to make tonics. Some of the main roles of cordyceps was to increase milk production and better reproduction in cows.

There are some studies which suggest cordyceps may act as a natural support for the cancer and help hault tumor growth. These studies, refer to both lung and skin cancer.

Cordyceps extract has been used to help support the immune system back to a place of balance and to help ward off infections and diseases. Cordyceps extract is often use to help recover the tissue of damaged organs due to autoimmune diseases.

Cordyceps sinensis extract is used in following health problems:
  • Asthma *
  • Liver problems *
  • Kidney problems *
  • Bronchitis and pneumonias *
  • High levels of cholesterol *
  • Problems with muscles *
  • Colds and flu *
  • Urination problems *
  • Heart disease *
  • Chronic fatigue *
  • Low energy *
  • Sexual issues including low libido *
  • Immune system stimulation *
  • Recovery after chemotherapy *
Cordyceps sinensis extract and kidney health

According a study that was completed in 2011 of Zhejiang University, scientist found that Cordyceps sinensis extract has a potential to obstruct renal fibrosis by close inflammatory process which destroy the kidneys normal function. *

Cordyceps sinensis extract and diabetes

Cordyceps sinensis extract contains d-mannitol cordycepin and 3'-deoxyadenosine which has been shown to support insulin levels in the body, and also support blood sugar levels. As a result of this, this extract can be used as a natural support for diabetes. This extract reduces oxidative stress which is main culprit in insulin resistance. It improves the function of glucose-regulating enzymes in the liver and promotes a gradual absorption of glucose from the digestive system into the blood stream. *

Cordyceps sinensis extract and hormone health

Cordyceps has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It has been used to neutralize negative effects of modern stress and support a healthy libido. In 1998 a study confirmed that ingredients of Cordyceps sinensis extract may have a positive effect on hormone levels. *

Cordyceps sinensis extract and brain health

Stresses of modern life can be detrimental to our mental health. Chronic stress can effect memory, cognitive processing and rational judgment. It can also contribute to the epidemic levels of depression and anxiety in the western world.

In 2014 a study published that supplementation as Cordyceps sinensis extract reduced inflammatory markers in the hippocampus in the brain. *

Cordyceps sinensis extract has also used to support Malaria and Yalow Fever as well as being used for addiction support.


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